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"Andrea has a great eye and amazing talent. I am so happy I have been able to work with her not only behind the camera, but also lucky enough to have her shoot some photos near and dear to my heart. Thank you for everything" -Courtney Clancy

"If you are trying to capture the innocence and natural beauty of your child/children, Andrea Sleiman is the photographer for you! I am so pleased with my daughters First Communion pictures and I haven't even seen them all yet!" -Chanda Brum

"Last summer I had the wonderful opportunity to have Heart and Soul Photography take my pictures. I was taken away by how amazing and awesome the pictures turned out. I never imagined that I would look the way that I did! It was gorgeous, especially with the water and the sunset. Andrea really takes her time and patience to develop such unique photos. Trust me, you will be satisfied!" -Tanya Lynn Belrose

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"Andrea, after briefly looking at your website and facebook page I must say that I am truly astounded by your technical and artistic talent. As you know, I have helped you as a photography teacher with instruction on the art and science of 35mm photography. You also know that I do not specialize in "people" photography but I know a great image when I see one!

You have a great "eye" for composition and capturing the "moment". Your imagery also show a good "technical" understanding, and your website is really nice. From one photographer to another--don't stop, keep moving forward, patience, diligence, sacrifice and continue your passion... Stick to your style but also stand out from the pack and I think you will have a good chance of being at the top of the pack."

-Ronald Zincone DBA ronaldzinconephotography.com